Young Champions Concert of 2016

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LMMS-Raise-the-roof-Young-Champions-2016Lake Macquarie Music Society has helped organised a concert of young musicians from 6 years to 16 years. It is the first of the series of Raise The Roof Concerts for 2016.

All the performers were winners at the 2015 Lake Macquarie Eisteddfod  last year. The breadth of talent is breath taking. They truly are TOMORROW’S STARS.

Mia Chao, Elizabeth Lee, Joslyn Bowman, Adam Walters, Huon Bourne Blue, Taylor Reece

Luke Chao, Lyndell Scheman

Lilliana Isbister

Tobias Reimann, Kaiden Albert

Lucy-Higgins Black, Electra Mills, Tashana Hardy